The Framework

Comprised of countless tiny networked “Star-Shards” that orbit all of the major planets in Genodus Prime. The Framework is an internet for a new age. These Star Shards constantly pick up information throughout the galaxy and make it available in real time to all.


Lore - Technology



Oz is the largest planet in Genodus Prime and one of the most divided. It’s a gritty place where the rich only seem to get richer and the poor only seem to get stepped on . It’s no wonder then that the planet has acted as the incubator for many fearsome rebel groups like the Hackers Vigilante.


Lore - Planets


Hackers Vigilante

A decentralized group of hackers and engineers who are in open revolt against the corporate elite. Through sabotage, information leaks, and public awareness campaigns, they seek to bring about a more just and egalitarian galaxy.


Lore - Factions


Into the stars they went, in search of truth, glory, and redemption



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