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A Development in Character: Nia Kasai

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

This is Chapter 1 in an ongoing blog series highlighting the development of key characters in Planet Rise.

By Charles Odia

The great Stephen King once said, “Put interesting characters in difficult situations and write to find out what happens.” This trial of fire is a testament to the wonders that awaken in the minds of any pure writer. The imagination it takes to create unique and layered characters and the problems that uplift or derail them showcase what they are truly made of.

Sometimes the writer has to put his own character in the fire he creates so he can evaluate his own sense of the characteristics that define them. In the case of Planet Rise there is a myriad of situations that will test our main characters.

Let's start with the heroine we all love Nia Kasai.

The Protector

Through her playstyle in the game Nia is always looking to shield her teammates. This mindset of being the one to step up and face the opposition before it befalls her allies was always who we felt Nia was as a person. The moment we began brainstorming cards and abilities her personality naturally flowed into our thought pool. This card is a great definition of Nia inside and outside of the game.

The Unbreakable Will card allows Nia to take all the damage she has suffered throughout the course of the game and convert it into armor, allowing her to keep fighting. Now, in order to gain this armor Nia must be taking some real punishment away from her allies. This Unbreakable Will represents Nia’s drive to keep herself in front of her allies and her to push to keep the battle going even when the enemy has counted her out.

The Storied Defender

Early on in the story, Nia will face decisions that will shape her for the rest of her life. She will have to choose who to protect and why. She has the history of her people to worry about in a time of universal change. There are warring factions of immense power, but who is right and who is wrong?

Nia is not only shielding her allies in battle she is the defender of the ideals of the Viridisian Order. She defends the belief that truth, compassion, and loyalty can exist through war, suffering, and betrayal. She has a family, but does that come before country or duty?

You have to wait and see.

We as a writing team have the most joyous task of putting Nia in harsh situations that as a heroine who is immensely powerful she will have to overcome, but also simple day-to-day moments we all go through that define us.

Will you get up today and face your destiny or lay in the coziness of your bed?

We are all protecting something, some of us just don't know what that something is. We all have something we are willing to fight for. What makes Nia unique is that she is willing to fight for the ideals of others as well as her own. She is always willing to take that first step but just like in real life that may be her downfall. With so much truth and honesty in Nia just like in all our great heroes we love today their flaws are not always evident.

Yes she has tons of armor, but that doesn't mean there are no chinks. Yes she can defend her whole team but that doesn't mean she is defenseless. She is still a young woman learning who she is, and why she is. That why is the reason we believe the world will soon fall in love with Nia Kasai. The who is something we all must remind ourselves of daily, for just as characters in stories develop so does the character we have as individuals.

This early sketch of Nia shows the true nature of who she is. Notice the assailant has no face yet. This is a great way to symbolize Nia. Regardless if the threat is big or small she is willing to face it head on.

Planet Tips

What are Planet Tips? I am so delighted you asked. Through our writing process my awesome team is always learning and growing. We decided to leave random tips scattered through our blogs to help your guys out in your own writing journey. Give us feedback and let us grow our family together. Today’s Planet Tip is based on character development for main characters.

Always Introduce Your Main Character Early

Introduce your main character before you get to far into your plot. You want the audience to identify with your main character and get a feel of who they are. It’s like going on a blind date to a restaurant you have never been to. You need to know what you're working with first and check to see if there is a connection. Then you start to evaluate the menu, the decor, and the environment you are in.

Your date is your introduction into the restaurant and may or may not be your guide through the evening, but now you have a grasp on what is going on. Now, imagine if your date showed up an hour late and you saw someone more appealing in the same restaurant, and had a wonderful conversation. It may be harder for your date to win you over.

Now think of your main character as the blind date introducing your audience to your world and showing up late and the reader has time to encounter other amazing characters you’ve created. You want your main character to be waiting for the reader to open their mind and walk them into your world, just as the blind date should open the door and walk his guest into the restaurant.

So friends, introduce your main character early so we can get a good look and feel for who they are, and have that initial connection that keeps us spellbound from beginning to end.

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