• Seth Singleton - Editor

Blast Shield

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The hot zone.

Deep in enemy territory, two scavengers search the hollowed-out craters of sector one. "We shouldn't be here,” Biyu complains. "It's too dangerous." "Look, the readings said it was here,” the scavenger says, “so we're just going to take a look."

They walk cautiously across the barren planet. Nothing but rocks for miles. The scavenger checks his forearm readout again. "It's just a bit further,” he says. Biyu grabs the scavenger’s arm.

"We're too far from the ship,” Biyu says. “We need to turn back."

"No! I've never been this close before,” implores the scavenger, “I'm not leaving without knowing."

The scavenger keeps going, not knowing he's dead center in someone's sights.

He slows to a stop before a cropping of rocks and checks his readings again. The air around him ripples when he's hit in the chest with a laser pulse. He flies back, landing motionless.

"Holy crap!" Biyu rushes to him. "Are you ok?" The scavenger groans and tries to sit up. “What the hell was that?" Another shot zips through the air nearly hitting Biyu’s shoulder.

"Someone doesn't want us here,” he says.

A round explodes on the ground near the scavenger’s head.

"We need to get out of here," Biyu says, and leans forward into the scavenger and they scramble to get up.

Several more shots hit the rocks. Biyu and the scavenger turn and run back the way they came. A hail of fire rains down around them during the retreat.

"Activate shield," Biyu yells into his com. A faint honeycomb pattern fluctuates around them on impact and the shot disperses across the surface. Shots continue to ping against the transparent surface, golden honeycomb flashing with every step they run across the crater field.

"Where's the ship?" the scavenger asks. "What? It should be dead ahead…" Biyu looks up and sees nothing but a desolate landscape. "I don't understand. It should be right here..." his voice trailing questions as they come to their first footprints. They take cover behind a patch of rocks and their pursuers continue to fire.

"What happened to the ship?" Biyu asks again

"I don't know,” answers the scavenger.

The laser fire stops.

Then waiting.

The scavenger rises to look. A blast puts him back in his place.

“We’re pinned down with no ship and no weapons,” he says.

"What do we do?" he asks Biyu "I don't know…" Biyu answers. “I don’t know.”

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