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Does Earning 'Best of 2018' Recognitions Really Excavate Artifact from the Discard Pile?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The Planet Rise Team

Just in time for a little end of the year controversy.

Three days ago Artifact earned spots on the Steam’s Best of 2018 lists for Most Played, Top New Releases, and Top-selling games. You can read the details of how they earned those spots here.

The real question is, does this make up for the massive ERROR messages that Artifact has been receiving from its fans?

Money Talks

The numerous issues are well documented in Eric Van Allen’s Washington Post article. But we'll go ahead and list a few of the biggest complaints.

  • $20 purchase price - Isn't Fortnite free?

  • $60 to $80 highest-level decks -

  • “pay-to-win” monetization method, where users feel compelled to buy more

  • additional packs, priced at $1.99 apiece

  • The marketplace operated by Valve takes a 15 percent cut of every transaction when players sell cards to each other

Could Artifact Become an Ancient Relic?

What They're Saying

Fans have not been quiet.

Valve and the marketing power of the name Richard Garfield, designer of the renowned card game Magic: The Gathering, raised the expectations for Artifact's release.

But when it landed, PC Gamer reported that it accumulated more than 1,500 negative reviews while also racking up 2,600 positives and gaining a user base of 60,000 players.


Too Little, Too Late

So, what is being done to fix it?

Artifact gave everybody an early Christmas present when it announced the release of its first balance patch.

Among the new developments:

  • Players will now be able to level up tickets and card packs as they go along.

  • Cards like “Cheating Death” have been completely reworked

  • The addition keywords Quicken and Equip

But are these things really enough to keep Artifact from becoming a relic?

As a reminder, Artifact current user base has maxed out at 60,000 at the end of the November.

Does that number mean Artifact is already extinct or just a slow-starter?

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