• Seth Singleton - Editor

Echo Stone

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Her hammer slams against the rock, cracking its face. Light seeps through like a seam of gold. Behind her reflective mask she smiles, "Finally". She gives one last heave. The hammer comes down, the rock sheet crumbles, revealing an enormous hidden cavern. The walls glow with brilliant oranges and reds. Blue light radiates from deep tunnels. "Where is it? I know it's here,” she thinks as she floats through the space. The orbs flare out in a loose swirl of lights. The ones furthest from the center are faded and dim. The hallmark of the echo stone. She moves along the faded orbs toward the brightest part of the cavern. Her headset beeps as she gets closer. There.....two bright stones sit a few feet apart. Identical down to the last fleck of dust. If you were paying attention....all the other stones were as well. The echo stone hides in plain sight among its numerous copies. They are equal in appearance, but not in value. Once discovered, you must choose between the real thing or its first copy. Choose the mother stone and the rest quietly fade out, becoming harmless rocks. But choose the copy, and the others explode, and the cavern becomes your tomb. Readings speed across her visor, calculating the perimeter of each stone. Trying to find anything to tell them apart. There is nothing. Perfect copies. Mining this stone could change everything. Just a little piece would put her on a level playing field in the volatile atmosphere spreading throughout the system. She could free so many of her people. She runs her gloved hands over their surface. There must be a flaw, even a slight..... “Screw it”, she grabs her hammer. She can't turn back now. She must decide. Deep breath. Choice made. She closes her eyes and swings.....

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