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Have You Been Practicing Your Kamehameha? Bandai Namco Just Announced The Dragon Ball Z Video Game

By Seth Singleton

It's been more than one week since CBR broke the news, but I still can't get over the announcement that the story of Dragon Ball Z will be retold in a video game.

The W's

The Who, is Japanese video game developer CyberConnect2. The When, came from game publisher and developer Bandai Namco announcing a release for the still-untitled game for the Americas in 2019. The Where will include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PCs through Steam.

The What, is the expansive universe of Dragon Ball Z. According to CBR, Players can visit familiar locations like Diablo Desert, King Kai's planet, East City, and more. Saiyan Kakarot, better known as Goku to longtime fans, is your guide through the world and worlds of Dragon Ball Z. Goku is joined by Dragon Ball Z fighters including Piccolo, King Kai, Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa, Frieza, and Goku's son, Gohan.

Why I Like It

Dragon Ball Z took Toonami by storm when it first appeared on Cartoon Network's late-night programming schedule in 1998. The eye-catching landscape, the completely original and often hilarious cast of characters and the emotional storytelling folded into the relationships between fighters and their families made this a late-night binge-worthy favorite.

These elements made it so easy to buy in to concepts like the signature Kamehameha energy blast, Goku's Super Saiyan evolution, the mythical seven Dragon Balls, and a wish-granting dragon. It made coming home from another night working an I-hate-that-this-is-putting-me-through-college-job feel like there was still the chance to end the evening on a high note.

The opportunity to train with Piccolo or fight Vegeta is a dream come true for this big kid. I can honestly say that I have never created or fired a Kamehameha blast. And just as honestly I can say that it's something I still dream of being able to do. Now it looks like I only have to dream a little bit longer.

When the news is flooded with headlines about how many dollar signs a game can, will, or is making, the production of a project that invites its fans to come and play is a welcome change.

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