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Updated: Feb 19, 2019

By charles odia

There is one word seemingly synonymous with all forms of magic in the world of videogames.

The origin is up for debate but this conversation takes us through the wheel of time and lands us

In the 80’s. Here in Japan the videogame world was flourishing, and role playing was taking imagination to a new level. But. . . what could encompass all the magic, the gain of power, the joy of casting a spell and obliterating your enemies. Drumroll, please and wait for it. MANA!

Referred to as (MP) it is that blue gauge or bar that lets you know how much magic your hero is holding. Whether your waiting patiently in silent agony as its regenerates over time, or your using a potion to replenish it we all love what mana stands for and its implication. That we have the power! I mean really what’s better than polymorphing a three-headed hound from the 7th circle of hell with ten health left after surviving two hundred and sixty five waves of . . .you get my drift. The color is an iconic as the word itself. Anything from a deep azure, to a brighter cobalt blue almost transmits thats energy through the screen and lifts you out of your seat. From japan, to america and all over the globe in mana we trust, whether we grind for hours to increase it or, look for ancient artifacts to enhance it.

Starting out as magic points vintage games such as Dragon Warrior 1986 used the MP system to wow audiences from around the world.

Seiken Densetsu 2 originally released in Japan was named Secret of Mana for the U.S. is one of my favorite gems of all time.

The beauty of magic is the creation itself and I love that my team brings that with every meeting, sentence, thought and action. Planetrise is our mana bar; every experience, and trial levels us up in this grand adventure we are undertaking. Sometimes we wait patiently for that right moment to spark or imagination and other times we go out seeking the inspiration to fill that bar up. We have on thing in common, we are all part of a great system. We are plugged into the same pool, and we draw from each other. Each turn affects the next, and we drive each other to new heights. You see the reason we love that mana so much is because inside it holds unlimited possibility, it gives up a little glimpse of the possibility we all have inside ourselves. I dare to even say even though it is just a game the magic is real.

5 facts about mana

  1. It is austronesian for “power”, and “prestige.” This power was expressed as being supernatural.

  2. In polynesia it is a conceptualized through life force, and associated with those of high social standings.

  1. Members of a popular MMO created a mana potion not regulated by the FDA containing 20 calories and no sugar by supposedly gave 5-8 hours of energy available for purchase in the U.S. only

  2. There are 59 places in the world named after mana from countries such as pakistan, afghanistan, nigeria, libya, china, sudan, angola, zambia,serbia, portugal, mali, greece, ethiopia, congo, brazil and antarctica among others.

  3. Manaism is the doctrine of a generalized force that is supernatural, that can be concentrated in people and even manifested in objects.

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