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Is There Still Hope When EA Titles Like Star Wars "Ragtag" Fail Worse Than New Coke?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

By Seth Singleton

The lightsabers have gone silent.

They may have only been demos but now they will never be anything more than a possibility.

EA Vancouver's open-world title codenamed "Ragtag" has shut down. Kotaku was the first to report it and now Engadget is confirming.

In-Game Footage Courtesy of Engadget

Do Names Still Matter?

A name like Star Wars should have the same recognition and appeal as Coca Cola. But, it also carries a certain responsibility and expectation that comes with properties like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

There are lessons to be learned from New Coke.

This isn’t the first problem for EA’s line of Star Wars titles. Star Wars: Battlefront got smacked around for not having a single-single-player campaign. Battlefront II had a micro-transaction scandal that got it banned in Belgium and Hawaii.

But, this title’s original developer was Visceral Games. After the success of Dead Space, a linear Star Wars action-adventure setup directed by Amy Hennig should have been a sure thing.

Battlefront II In-Game Footage

Where it all went wrong...

So, did EA’s decision to change the format to open-world lead to its downfall?

Or did the writing on the wall first appear when Visceral was shuttered and EA was left holding a game and no plan?

With plans for a new title in 2020 and Respawn scheduled to release Jedi: Fallen Order this fall, more Star Wars titles will continue to follow.

But this recent news continues to prove that the success of a game requires more than a name with a legacy.

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