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Seven Chakra in Seven minutes

The Seven Chakras are one of the most talked about beliefs in all of human existence. They are defined as wheels or spinning disks. They represent a balance both internal and external. This balance keeps us fit, stable, and working towards becoming our truest selves. 

Many peoples and cultures have shaped their lives and thoughts around concepts first documented over 5000 years ago. A true testament of anything is to stand the test of time. That test is the truest and we all want our works, and accomplishments to be recognized after our time is over.  The seven chakras were first documented in the 1500’s in one of the oldest texts known as the Vedas. 

The Seven Chakras were passed down by the Indo-European people through word of mouth and a connection of faith and belief. These chakras are one of the most  encompassing traditions of eastern philosophy and have spread throughout the world and impacted countless generations regardless of religion, walk, sex or race. They represent something that seems to resonate within us all. They help give us a piece of the puzzle of  “who are we” and help shape that self-discovery through rules that work in harmony with science and ethics.

The chakras are so fundamentally sound that we are all drawn to the simple yet deep meanings of each chakra and the connection they form with us and within all realms it seems. Let us walk through the seven chakras and see how they fit with the parameters we set within our own lives, 

The Crown

The Crown Chakra helps reach one's  highest consciousness and protects the upper brain and nervous system. It provides clarity towards the true purpose that  shapes your life. That feeling of clairvoyance is so important with how we start our day and we can all work towards a proper daily outlook.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra helps with intuition. It focuses will power and keeps us on the straight and narrow. You can feel variations in energy around you and it keeps you keen to your surroundings.  It is located above your brow and protects your eyes, and ears. Have you ever seen something you want and your eyes lock in and you focus and block everything out? A stronger third eye chakra can help you focus on bigger goals and can keep your mind clear. 

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra helps with your voice. This energy can keep you in accordance with your true self. You say what you mean and mean what you say. It helps with keeping you authentic and personalized. When you identify with who you are, your throat chakra can help you clearly vocalize that to the world. When you lie or speak falsely you are also more aware. Hey you know what they say about honesty.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra helps bring balance and cleanses the negative energy from the other chakras.  It is attributed with air and it protects your heart and lungs. Your heart chakra gives you that self-love that we all need day in and day out. It also helps with sympathy and caring about the emotions of others. We all need some internal love, let's work to find more of it within ourselves and give more to others. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra works to protect your stomach and gives you that internal power. It is your fire your drive and your superpower. It helps protect your digestive system. You can draw on that inner strength that you have within and use it to empower yourself. 

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra lies at the bottom of the naval and controls sensuality. It is tied to our five senses and keeps our emotions in check. It protects the reproductive system, bladder and other important organs. We can all use our sacral chakra to tap into our senses and appreciate everyone a little bit more. We can be kinder to others and be

happier day by day.

The Root Chakra 

The first chakra is The Root Chakra. This chakra represents your stability and your balance. The root chakra protects your lower body and helps give you structure. The root is located at the base of your spine. We should all work to keep our external and internal structure grounded and ready to go. 

Viewpoint and Understanding

These are the Seven Chakras from my viewpoint and my understanding. I urge you all to explore not just the seven chakras but more about yourselves from top to bottom, and root to stem. Exploring your mind and heart will give you clarity, and help your treat all living things with respect and love. There are many cool exercises on youtube for relaxation, and exploration on the knowledge of the chakras.

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