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The Gaming Life Cycle: Then & Now Part 1

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

By Justin Hand

Pt 1: The good old days

 In this series of blog posts, I will be taking you all on a journey through the life cycle of gaming from my own personal experience. I will talk on some key points that I feel were turning points for the gaming industry and community.


We take time to play games for many reasons. Whether it be card games with friends to pass the time or video games to conquer level after level. That's what makes us gamers. The ability to pick up different games and try to master them. The lifespan of video games today is much different than the lifespan of video games in the past. I remember when I was younger my first system was a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). I would flock to the nearest video store to try and get the latest cartridge to play. Of course I had the classic games like Mario Brothers 3, Zelda, Mega Man and all those phenomenal titles. But, the first game that I can remember that gave me the most problems was Castlevania 3:  Dracula's Curse.


In those days I didn't care about playing games in sequential order I just wanted to play. It gave me so much freedom in my library of games. I kept my little notepad next to my system, because there were no memory cards or online storage. You had to remember codes to get back to the level that you were previously at and to keep all the items and weapons you work so hard to collect. Or if you were like me (as I’m sure many of you are), you had special codes to put in to bypass levels that were just too difficult to beat.

Even though some levels were skipped, using these codes made games playable for weeks even months. There was no need for DLCs to expand the amount of time we played these games. It was still fun to us, it gave us the chance to improve our skills, to go back and take care of those levels that were unable to be passed previously. These are referred to as the good old days because you didn't have to purchase more content from developers to keep the experience of the game going. Oh, how good these days were.

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