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The Gaming Life Cycle: Then & Now Part 2

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

By Justin Hand

Pt. 2 - Memory Cards, game changers

Innovation is important when it comes to gaming and all aspects of life. You don't want to stay stagnant and be viewed as old news. Although change may be good, and the intention may be as well, what happens may not always be. With that being said the invention of memory cards were a game changer. Don't get me wrong, I loved the fact that I was able to save my progress to games with the development of the memory cards.

Unlike others, I never had a Nintendo 64. My first system that had storable data came with the PlayStation. I had no idea that this would change the course of gaming completely. With this you could play for hours and hours and just save your progress and come back to it later. My notebook became obsolete other than writing codes in it to get special powers or items in games. There was no DLC or season pass to try to get, nor was there a need for it. Only thing you had to do was purchase the memory card and your experience of gaming would change completely. You had to have one or it was pretty much just like playing the NES all over again. That was okay for me though.


This was the innovation that the gaming industry needed to propel it into the future. Those days, for me were the Golden Age of video games.

Games were longer than they had been in the past. I remember playing games like Final Fantasy VII and Legends of Dragoon which had multiple disc and hundreds of hours of gameplay. The game life cycle of these days spanned over multiple discs. You didn't have to pay the developers to get the rest of the game, because you had purchased it all at once. I know I speak for a lot of us when saying this, but when it came to switching the disc on games, it was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of our young lives. But in hindsight, knowing that we had the entire game at our disposal from the very beginning was a leisure that we would lose in the not too distant future.

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